Hi there!

My name is Angel and I'm the wife of a clever host called Ben. We have a little cottage below our house in Wellington, which we originally planned to be used by relatives. I take my daughterly responsibilities seriously, so we wanted to make sure there is a nice self contained space for Mum when she needs it. She comes to stay for weeks a time, but in between it seems wasteful to just sit there empty.

We want our guests to feel welcome - like they’re staying in a small boutique inn that has their comfort in mind. My husband Ben worked for a year to create the most stunning space he could, right down to the custom made furniture and drift wood decorations. We like everything to be perfect for our guests so we love hearing what people think of our space!

Us as hosts: working from home allows Ben to be very responsive to guests needs. Forgot your phone or laptop charger? He has a box of allll the kinds! The handle on your suitcase broke during the flight? He'll take it to his workshop. Need a lift to town? We are often going too, so give us a shout and we can sync up!

See you soon :)

~ Angel

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